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Vince Vance's letter to Roger Goodell

Dear Commissioner Mr. Goodell .net>,

I am an avid NFL Fan who lost everything in Katrina. I write apologizing on behalf of the City of New Orleans. We were all appalled to hear of the bounties put by Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Smith on unsuspecting Offensive Players of opposing teams we have played.

However, without a bounty, the cruel San Francisco 49ers' safety Donte Whitner put his helmet on the chin and concussively took Pierre Thomas out the playoff game. We did not complain, even though it effectively took our Saints out of the Super Bowl that we would have won.

I did not see one hit like that from any Saint during the 2009-2010, 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 seasons.

Add it all up: $500,000.00 and 2 second round draft picks and the suspension of our head coach who never did condone such action. This is overly cruel and unusual punishment and I beg you to take pity on me, my brother cab driver Matt Franichevich, my buddy Eddie Aucoin, my cousin Dr. Charlie Mary, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the City of New Orleans. We are your most avid NFL Fans and people who have been penalized enough by Katrina.

I beg you, please, do not take away our coach for a year.

New Orleanians have stomached strikes, threats to move our team, and arguably the most flagrantly corrupt owner of any franchised sports team, John Mecom. And now we must endure the worst penalty ever endured in sports since Phidippides gave his own life after running the first marathon.

Please, hear my plea! What more can a Saints fan take!

I wrote this song for New Orleans and I wore my Saints Jersey in the music video:
I Am New Orleans

Contritely asking for forgiveness for the sake of New Orleans, I am

Vince Vance, leader
Vince Vance & the Valiants
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