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I was listening to Kaare Johnson today (I'm actually one of the apparent few people here who enjoys listening to him, and that's ok), and Kaare posed the question: Who has more credibility regarding the wiretapping scandal, ESPN or Mickey Loomis? His question, of course, was almost rhetorical as he said ESPN was one of the most powerful, credible sports entities around; and Loomis (or anyone associated with the Saints front office, for that matter) lacked any real credibility these days.

I was kind of taken aback, as I think it's the complete opposite. If you ask virtually anyone associated with football operations in the NFL, I think almost to a man Loomis is regarded as a highly likeable, intelligent, virtuous GM.

On the other hand, ESPN --or "the four-letter network" as they are called by other sports outlets -- to me lacks almost any credibility at all. There are rumors of rampant sexual harrassment (see Steve Philips, Mike Tirico, and Harold Reynolds); There are people like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, whom i'm not sure ANYONE in the general listening public respects. There are shows like ATH and PTI, which try to make celebrities of journalists who know a little about all and know all about nothing. There's the NFL gameday crew of Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Key Johnson, Chris Carter, and Mike Ditka....a murderers row of idiocy. SportsNation might be the dumbest sports show on television. The irony, of course, is that the best sports journalist on ESPN is Bob Ley, and he's been squeezed out so hard that I wonder sometimes if he even works there.

And then there's the Bernie Fine story, which directly resulted in his firing.

I wanted to call Kaare today and give my opinion, but i'm lazy and I didn't.
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