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Glad he likes it, but frankly this "grading" thing for a draft that ended Saturday is ridiculous. If these so-called journalists are really THAT good at drafting, why aren't they trying to get jobs as GMs? It would pay a lot more and then they could prove they are always right, which is obviously what they all think. Basically, they "grade" depending on if a team took a player they would have taken in that spot. Take a player from a small school, or a school in Canada, and they claim the Saints are "arrogant" or worse.

Frankly, you can take all the talking heads who think their grades are the end all and be all and throw them in the midde of the Atlantic, if you ask me. Peter King, in his MMQB for today got that one thing right, if nothing else: Grading the NFL draft days after it ends is like giving final grades the first day of a term. How would any of you who are students like to get your final grade the first day of class? Do you think that would be fair? Let me know, because it would make my job a LOT easier, I can tell you.
My thoughts for the 2013 season:

1) I have a very good feeling about this year the way I did in '09.
2) Roger Goodell is still an idiot.
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