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Originally Posted by guidomerkinsrules View Post
America's Christian hypocrisy - Religion -

the author called it hypocrisy, but i was trying to be more christian

don't mind if you have tea party leanings (don't agree but you can believe what you want)
don't mind if you follow the bible (agree in parts not in others)
but what really flummoxes/pains me is when anyone tries to find support of conservative/tea party policies in the gospels
they are completely antithetical

and of course some will try to pretzel a tiny passage into some tangential message that smells like it supports supply-side dogma
taking a half-step back there is no way one could read the sermon on the mount and come away with a pro-business message
you can't hear, "it' harder for a rich man..." and think "he probably didn't mean investment bankers"

it's WAY past time to untie christianity and neo-conservatism
if you want biblical justification for your policies use the old testament, just leave jesus out of it

I don't even accept your basic premise about the TEA party, but here goes.

Things were differnet 2000 years ago, don't you think?

How can you know what Jesus would say about anything modern?

All you can honestly do 2000 years later is break down the thoughts of Jesus into the most basic of principles. Going any further is taking liberties with truth and reality to suit your own agenda.

Did Jesus rale against all rich men, or just the stingy ones that only give 1-2% of their wealth to charity, and were mean to their employees?

How would Jesus feel about a rich man that works hard and long for his money, is kind to his employees, and gives 10-20% to charity? He didn't say, did he? So how can you lump all businessmen together and render an opinion on what Jesus would think about them?

I also advise against stereotyping the TEA Party. We're a more diverse group than you think.
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