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Originally Posted by MLU View Post
What really throws me off is how the Saints have hired a DC for the second year in a row, but kept all if the defensive assistants in place. Seems like you want want to really make a chance you allow the DC to bring in his people. All they're doing is changing the guy who calls the plays and carries the playbook.

The worst defense in NFL history needs to be gutted, players and coaches.


I keep hearing words like aggressive when asked to describe Rob Ryan and it's like people have forgotten we've tried that already. Greg Williams was aggressive. He installed the mentality of bringing the wood and big hits. The Saints got rid of him because it wasn't working.

I don't think the Saints have a head defensive coach problem. They have a fundamentals problem. We don't need an amazing defense. We just need a defense that can get off the field sometimes and force a couple of stops. I think we can get that by playing fundamentally good defense. Instead of trying for the strip, or big hit, or blitz, or interception; wrap up a tackle, swat down the ball, bring down the runner instead.
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