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Originally Posted by Grandadmiral View Post
Nice idea, but what I see as a major problem is price. Most of the foods that they would consider healthy is also the most expensive, which means recipients would be able to spread purchases so far. I like the idea, but I think controlling costs needs to be seriously looked at.

On a per calorie basis, maybe. But most of those calories are empty.

I can feed myself a lot longer and much healthier on $20 worth of rice, beans, and canned vegetables than I could on $20 on any processed foods.

I lived on less than $20 a week for food for almost 3 years during college. I was able to eat healthy (much healthier than I eat now) and on more than just Ramen noodles.

Rice and beans are incredibly cheap and filling. It only takes a handful of seasoning to make them great tasting and it is extremely easy to vary so that you don't get sick and tired of them. I was often able to buy canned vegetables for 50 cents a can, sometimes even 3 for $1. I learned what times to go to grocery stores to pick up the discounted meats, often able to get ground beef for less than $1 a pound.

I would pick up fruits that were in season and on sale. Often you can buy bags of bananas that were about to turn for less than $1. Slice them up, freeze them, and using other fruits you got on sale and froze can make a great fruit smoothy on a daily basis.

Frankly, I could fill myself up cheaper than I ever could on crappy food. Even if I could buy more crappy food for the $1.
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