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Originally Posted by Oye View Post
Now if they would only ban the purchase of unhealthy foods that make people obese, I could really get behind it. If I had a nickel for every time I was behind someone at the clinic who was on Medicare and 80 pounds overweight, well I'd be able to afford a Soloflex....

At some point taxpayers are going to be subsidizing your health (if they've/we've not already somehow). Do you think we ought to monitor your BMI so that it doesn't get much higher, thereby increasing the taxpayer burden because of your poor health choices?

Where do you want to draw the line? What if someone told you that to buy all the unhealthy, junk food you want that you had to sign a waiver forgoing any public subsidizing of your health care for the rest of your life - would you agree to that? Eat badly for 64 years - that's your choice. But no Medicare for you when you turn 65. Is that a fair compromise?

What if as children, they were never properly taught the benefits of healthy eating? What if for most of their child hood, they were left to feed themsleves in a house filled with junk food. The poor eating habits then carried with them into adult hood. What if these people are working two jobs most of their life to make ends meet and do not have time to cook healthy meals? Do we deny these people health insurance of government medial care?

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