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mvtrucking 02-21-2013 09:59 AM

2013 NFL Preview/Review: The New Saints

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The obvious story line of for the Saints last season was the whole bounty thing. Without getting into it too much - since that's not really the focus of this article - I will say that Bountygate taught us one thing for sure: a stable and effective coaching staff is so fundamentally necessary for success in this league. Last year saw a playoff team stumble at numerous points during the season.

Now, to blame all of that on the coaching staff would be irresponsible. I think, to be honest, that this was a bit in the tea leaves, so to speak. Perhaps their fall from grace would not have been so bad, but the Saints sort of felt destined to have a rough go this last season. Part of that was the coaching staff, of course.

But, part of that had to have been the defense. In a way, the Saints team is the poster team for how the NFL has changed. It used to be that an explosive offense could carry a team to victory every game. Now, though, that really has to be coupled with a defense capable of keeping the opponents at bay.

By Wes Hanson / Niners Nation

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