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mvtrucking 04-09-2013 05:07 PM

New Orleans Saints chat with Mike Triplett

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stewdaddy: Mike is there a team that has multiple pics in the second round that we could give up our first round pic for two second round pics plus their third round pic. Since the talent is almost as good in the second round and we need more pics maybe this would be the way to go. This would be attractive to the team because they would have two first round pics this year.

Mike Triplett, I don't have one of those draft charts in front of me, but I don't know if you could get two 2s and a 3 for the 15th pick in the draft. It might be more like just two 2s. Or more likely, it would probably be something like 4 picks for 2 picks to make the values add up. ... The 49ers have 13 picks, so maybe they qualify. I don't know of a specific, obvious trade partner though.

Why didnt the Saints pursue DB,Mike Jenkins early on?

Mike Triplett: It's possible they spoke with Jenkins under the radar. But Raikarr is right. Rob Ryan would know better than anyone if he fits what they're trying to do in New Orleans. So if he considered him a "must-have" they probably would have gotten him.

By Mike Triplett / Times Picayune

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