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Originally Posted by chrisandersen View Post
I'm still confused on what is going to happen with the plaza. Can't seem to find any drawings of new configuration.
No drawings are available, but here is the description from the Superdome website:

Phase 2 To be completed by July 2011
Once the 2010 football season has concluded, the Louisiana Superdome will close for a marathon of upgrades scheduled to be completed before Essence Music Festival in July of 2011.

The Plaza level (100-Level) concourse will be widened from 18 feet to 60 feet in certain areas. This will improve the flow of pedestrian traffic and allow for more concession options and restrooms.

The existing Plaza (100-level) east and west side stands will be reconfigured, moving seats closer to the action on the field as well as providing 3,100 additional prime seats for fans.

Two new premium club lounges will be constructed underneath the east and west side plaza stands. These premium lounges will feature high-end furnishings, a private bar and dining options as well as direct access from the parking garage. Patrons will be able to access their plaza-level seats straight from the premium club lounges under the stands.

One must remember that the Dome was built with movable stands in the plaza level to accomodate BASEBALL, and for a while there in the '70s there was an idea that we might get a major league franchise. When the sideline seats were pushed back in a baseball configuration (AKA the expanded configuaration also used for Sugar Bowl, BCS or Super Bowl games) there is no catwalk "bridge" to be crossed to access sideline seats.

Since Katrina, there has been and will no longer be any baseball games in the dome. As anyone who sits in the Plaza knows, there is a LOT of wasted space in those areas where the catwalk bridges are. The plans pretty much call for removing all the existing movable seat sections and replacing them with a permanent section, with 3,100 extra seats, wider concourses, and clubs underneath. The plaza seats will have new entries between the top and bottom rows (currently you can only enter from the top) that lead to/from the plaza club level.
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