Locker Room Rules:

Description: The Locker Room is a Football Forum that allows smack. It is also a repository for inflammatory, inane, nonsensical, and undesirable football related posts that land on the SSF. The rules (subject to additions and changes) are as follows:

*No actual profanity (any implied profanity must be veiled).
*No threats of bodily harm, or other malicious threats.
*No calling out the Mods (site wide rule). If a mod is participating in a smack, only then is that specific mod fair game for smack talk.
*No smack aimed at non-participating members. Keep the smack aimed at one another (those participating on the Locker Room Board).
*No pornography or links to pornographic images.
*To opposing teams fans, any rude Katrina references will get you banned.
*No posting of photos or personal information of other members that are not specifically approved for your use by that member.
*When you exit the Locker Room and visit other public SR community boards, leave your Locker Room personas at the door. Spillover from this board will not be tolerated.

Alerts to any additions or changes to the rules here with be noted in the title.