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Opinion: Roger Goodell won't give NFL fans the honest answers they deserve

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Photo: John David Mercer, USA TODAY Sports)

By Nancy Armour, USA TODAY

ATLANTA — Roger Goodell is the master of double talk and untruths.

The NFL commissioner held his annual news conference at the Super Bowl on Wednesday, and there will be no bigger waste of time this week. Which is saying something, given the circus that “Media Night” has become.

Anyone hoping to get a straight answer out of Goodell on, well, anything, left sorely disappointed. He offered nothing to reassure fans that the critical no-call in the NFC Championship Game would not happen again, and made no apologies for taking 10 days to address the debacle publicly.

Pressed on the NFL’s deafening silence when New Orleans Saints fans were venting their rage in legal action and on billboards, Goodell said – with a straight face, mind you – that the league had “addressed this immediately after the game.” Sorry, talking to Saints coach Sean Payton and leaving him to appease the masses doesn’t cut it. Last time I checked, Payton’s title is coach not commissioner, and he’s not getting $32 million to be the face and voice of the NFL. ...

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Strief: Roger Goodell lied, never talked to Saints players

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Photo - WWL

By Zach Strief | WWL

The commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell spoke in Atlanta today giving his annual “State of the League” address before the Super Bowl. He was asked about the missed penalty in the NFC championship on Rams corner Nickel Robey-Coleman and admitted “it is a play that should have been called.” That certainly doesn’t make Saints fans feel any better, but how are Who Dats supposed to believe and trust the head of the league if Goodell does not speak the truth.

“We understand the frustration of the fans,” stated Goodell. “I’ve talked to Coach Payton, the team, the players. We understand the frustration that they feel right now and we certainly want to address that.”

According to the Voice of the Saints Zach Strief, that is a flat out lie. ...

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Peter King Tweet shows that he is not very fond of Goodell's justification concerning the no-call

Do Saints fans feel better after Roger Goodell's address? Absolutely not

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Roger Goodell © John David Mercer | 2019 Jan 30

By Rod Walker | The Advocate

ATLANTA — For New Orleans Saints fans, Super Bowl week more or less came to an end Wednesday.

Nothing else that happens in Atlanta over the next four days really matters.

(Well, unless Drew Brees upsets Patrick Mahomes and walks away with the MVP tropy Saturday).

Other than that, what Roger Goodell had to say (or, in this case, didn't have to say) on Wednesday was far more important to the Who Dat Nation than what the scoreboard says Sunday night.

It wasn't quite what Saints' fans wanted to hear. But at least Goodell said something.


Technically, it took the NFL commissioner 10 days.

In reality, he said more in the nine days he didn't utter a word than he did in the 46 minutes he spoke Wednesday. ...

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Roger Goodell, clown nose or not, deserves all the jokes Sean Payton can fit on a shirt

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AP Photo / David J. Phillip

By Scott Rabalais | The Advocate

If it is true that the clothes make the man, what exactly did Sean Payton’s undershirt say about him Wednesday?

Something perhaps that could get him fined by the NFL. Nothing that would not have Saints fans cheering him lustily — and probably passing the GoFundMe hat to pay for his defense.

When Payton showed up Wednesday morning at his postseason news conference in Metairie, he appeared to be very casually and conservatively dressed in a light blue quarter-zip pullover with a turquoise-colored T-shirt underneath.

Maybe too many shades of blue, but hey, he’s a bummed-out football coach trying to put a bow on the bitter end of his team’s campaign. One he and most every other rational football follower in the world believes should still be going on in Super Bowl 53. ...

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Roger Goodell’s comments too little, too late for Saints fans

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(Photo - David J. Phillip)

By Jeff Duncan | | The Times-Picayune

ATLANTA -- Roger Goodell finally broke his public silence and addressed the NOLA no-call on Wednesday (Jan. 30), 10 days after the debacle marred the end of the NFC Championship Game.

Goodell answered five questions about the officiating gaffe during his annual State of the League press conference at Super Bowl LIII. The session lasted 45 minutes, and during that time Goodell said little to appease New Orleans Saints officials or their frustrated fans.

Roger didn’t dodge.

He admitted referee Bill Vinovich’s crew missed the call.

He detailed the extraordinary outreach league officials extended to the Saints after the game and in the days following it.

He explained the complicating aspects of the imbroglio, how the league’s replay protocols do not take judgment calls or no-calls into consideration. ...

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Michael Irvin says Saints receiver Michael Thomas doesn’t get his due

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(Photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune)

By Josh Katzenstein, | The Times-Picayune

ATLANTA — Michael Irvin was ready to share praise as soon as he heard Michael Thomas’s name.

“He’s a bad man, isn’t he?” said Irvin, the Pro Football Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst.

Thomas, the star New Orleans Saints wideout, has improved in each of his three seasons in the league, and after a dominant 2018 performance, he’s clearly established himself as one of the NFL’s premier receivers.

“For some reason, we don’t give him the credit he deserves for what he’s done, and it’s phenomenal that he’s putting up the numbers that he’s put up with the focus that everybody puts on him,” Irvin said. “You just, you can’t take him out of a game. You could slow him down this, you could slow him down that, but you can’t take him out a game.” ...

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Sean Payton addresses late-game play calling in NFC Championship loss to Rams

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By Christopher Dabe - | The Times-Picayune

Another main point of discussion after the New Orleans Saints lost the NFC Championship to the Los Angeles Rams had to do with the play-call selection toward the end of regulation.

The Saints faced a first-and-10 at the Los Angeles 13 with 1 minute, 58 seconds remaining when Drew Brees threw an incomplete pass to Michael Thomas. Alvin Kamara rushed for no gain on the next play. Then came the much-discussed controversial missed call by game officials that left the Saints to attempt a field goal with 1:45 remaining.

Had the Saints run the ball three consecutive times, they could have forced the Rams to use their final two timeouts while taking roughly a minute off the clock.

Payton said Wednesday (Jan. 30) his team’s calls were the correct ones for the situation. Taking a minute off the clock still would have left the Rams adequate time to get into position for a long field goal by Greg Zuerlein, whose clutch kicks at the end of regulation and overtime went 48 and 57 yards. ...

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Did Roger Goodell consider re-do for Saints-Rams game after blown call? 'Absolutely not'

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Joint Advocate file photo and Associated press

By Advocate Staff

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that he "absolutely did not" consider using executive power as an overrule to a controversial call at the end of the Saints-Rams game a week and a half ago.

"We understand the frustration they feel," Goodell said when discussing the emotions of Saints players, coaches and fans. "Whenever the officiating is part of a discussion, it’s not a good thing. But we also know our officials are human."

As part of the lead up to Super Bowl LIII, Goodell spoke in his State of the NFL address from Atlanta and spoke publicly for the first time after a controversial no call near the end of the NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams.

In the 10 days since the Rams punched their tickets to the Super Bowl, the commissioner had not addressed a late apparent missed call when Los Angeles defender Nickell Robey-Coleman made an early, helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis. ...

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Saints coach Sean Payton on sad end to season: Ice cream, Netflix and possible rule changes

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By Nick Underhill | The Advocate

Sean Payton spent about three days holed up inside his house.

He turned on Netflix, opened some containers of Jeni’s ice cream and tried to make time pass. The New Orleans Saints coach was doing what he had to do to get through the initial pain of missing out on the Super Bowl following the infamous no-call that helped send Saints and Rams to overtime in the NFC title game, where New Orleans eventually lost 26-23.

“There are certain vices you gravitate towards, and mine is probably sugar,” Payton said. “Much like what we told the team: Obviously there are disappointments you go through relative to your season,s and this one where it happened in the postseason, we’ve got to be able to get past that and we will.”

The Super Bowl will be played this weekend without the Saints, but this story is still not over. There will almost certainly be a proposal for a rule change that somehow expands the use of replay to include officiating mistakes. It still isn’t clear how that will look, but there will be a discussing this spring at the league’s annual meeting. Payton, who is on the competition committee, will be part of that process. ...

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Recap: Roger Goodell speaks in Atlanta, breaks silence on Rams-Saints no call

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Advocate Staff Report

Ten days passed without a peep from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell since the infamous missed pass interference call that arguably cost the New Orleans Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. Goodell will almost certainly break the silence Wednesday at noon in Atlanta at his annual state-of-the-league address.

Goodell's Super Bowl-week address will not change the outcome of Los Angles Rams-Saints NFC Championship game. Officials failed to call interference or roughness penalties when a Rams player leveled a Saints receiver with a helmet-to-helmet hit at a crucial point in the in the final minutes of regulation time. The Rams won the Jan. 20 game in overtime and are set to play the New England Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl. ...

The NFL quickly admitted the referees missed the call. Senior Vice President Al Riveron told head coach Sean Payton in a postgame phone call that pass interference should have been called. The league also fined Rams defense back Nickell Robey-Coleman for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on the play. ...

Full Story - The Advocate

Roger Goodell finally speaks publicly about pass interference no-call that cost Saints a trip to Super Bowl

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Ten days elapsed between the Rams-Saints game and when the NFL finally weighed in on the botched call

By Ryan Wilson | CBS Sports

ATLANTA -- Saints coach Sean Payton had a good reason for delaying his end-of-season press conference.

"I would say honestly after the game for two or three days, much like probably normal people, I didn't come out of my room, ate Jeni's ice cream and watched Netflix," he said, via's Mike Triplett.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, meanwhile, spoke publicly for the first time Wednesday, 10 days since a no-call against Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman robbed the Saints of an opportunity to represent the NFC in Super Bowl LIII, which you can stream right here on or on CBS All Access.

"We understand the frustration of the fans," Goodell told the media from the Georgia World Congress Center. "We talked to Coach Payton, the team, the players. We understand the frustration that they feel right now. And we certainly want to address them.

"Whenever officiating is part of any kind of discussion post-game, it's never a good outcome for us ... but we also know that our officials are human. We also know they are officiating a game in which they often have to make snap decisions under difficult circumstances. And they're not going to get it right every time. As I say, they're...

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