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New Orleans Saints 2018 NFL Draft: Why Taysom Hill Is the Winner

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By Dean Mullen

Make no mistake, Taysom Hill has to feel pretty good going into the 2018 season. He will undoubtedly have to beat out Tom Savage to win the backup job. Also, with the acquisition of J.T. Barrett, it’s likely to be a battle for that backup position. Nevertheless, Hill has the coaches’ eyes and some experience being with the team for a solid year.

The fact that the Saints didn’t select a quarterback, has to instill some confidence in Hill. Surely, Who Dat Nation was salivating in round one, when the Saints traded up to move to the 14th overall pick. The thought was that the Saints were going to pick a quarterback. That’s the usual scenario when a team moves up and gives up a couple of draft picks.

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Saints draft: Boom or bust? Only time will tell!!

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NEW ORLEANS -- No question that after last year’s bountiful draft for the New Orleans Saints, the 2018 version of let’s take a chance would be scrutinized in a way that no other draft would be.

No matter who the Saints chose this year, the comparison to 2017 would be made, even though none of the players selected starting last Thursday had even taken a snap in the NFL.

So, how did the Saints do in this year’s installment? That all depends on who you ask. The range of grades looks like the report card of a seventh grader going through the change to adulthood: it is all over the map.
ESPN gave the Saints a C+, putting New Orleans just above average.

Bleacher Report, without providing any explanation with its rankings, gave the Saints a D, the lowest in the league along with Oakland and Seattle.
Yahoo and USA Today agreed with Bleacher Report and also rated the New Orleans draft as being D worthy. However, both and CBS Sports had the Saints with a grade of B.

The biggest move of the draft for New Orleans came very early. The Saints made a bold move in the first round Thursday, trading next year’s first-rounder to move up and take Texas-San Antonio defensive end Marcus Davenport, a player who filled a need for a pressure player at the right defensive end spot the Saints have been trying to fill long-term for years.

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Bobby Hebert Sr., known well in Lafourche and dad of former Saints QB, dies from coronavirus

  • News source: BY LUKE JOHNSON | Staff writer
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Bobby Hebert Sr., the father of former New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert and the grandfather of former LSU center T-Bob Hebert, died Saturday after recently testing positive for coronavirus, according to a member of the Hebert family.

Hebert Sr. was 81 years old.

Hebert Jr. appeared on WWL radio Friday and addressed his father’s health struggles after recently testing positive for the coronavirus.

“He’s tough,” Hebert Jr. said in the appearance. “You can...
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NFL says draft still a go despite reasonable concerns

  • News source: Al Dupuy
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The NFL sent out a memo confirming the 202p draft will still be held April 23-25 as planned. Roger Goodell sent out a warning to teams not to publicly criticize the league’s stance. It was reported earlier that some teams would rather postpone the draft until a later date.

The big question from teams is the lack of medical follow-up on some players like quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who had hip surgery. He was not able to work out at the combine.

It is not totally...
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A look around the NFC South on SB Nation

  • News source: JR Ella
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Although the free agency frenzy has died down, the NFC South keeps dealing and we are rolling inexorably towards the 2020 NFL draft. Despite the strangely inert state that COVID-19 has put the sports world in, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has shot down any talks of postponing the draft. Thus, on Thursday April 23, all 32 NFL teams will once again add talent to their rosters, this time in the form of rookies hoping to make their mark in the NFL later this year. That...
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Who are the most intriguing available free agents?

  • News source: Mike Florio
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More than a week into free agency, plenty of intriguing names remain available — including a trio of No. 1 overall draft picks.

So, on Friday’s PFT Live, Peter King and I drafted the available free agents we find the most intriguing.

The video is attached. We picked three each, along with an unplanned honorable mention round.

Check it out, add a comment or two below, and tune in Monday through Friday for new daily edition of PFT Live.

And, yes, we’re still going...
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March 28, 2020

  • News source: Jude Young
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For those us involved in the wonderful, wacky, wild, wooly, sometimes even weird world of sports, it is not surprising that so many people find themselves wanting for the ability to attend or to watch live games.

It is funny how we are virtually grasping at straws, searching every channel available to us to find any sporting event or game from the recent past or even distant past.

In my house, there have been frequent visits to the MLB Channel, NFL Network, the NHL...
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Did Drew Brees do a team-friendly deal?

  • News source: Mike Florio
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Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis is praising quarterback Drew Brees for taking a team-friendly deal. Which raises this question: Was it really a team-friendly deal?

“We needed to know what Drew was going to count on our [salary] cap this year, what resources are we using because then that gives us the ability to do some other things,” Loomis told the Saints’ official website, via “To Drew’s credit, his number-one goal was to make sure we had an opportunity to...
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Saints By Position: Top 5 offensive tackles in franchise history

  • News source: Ken Trahan
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One of the better positions in New Orleans Saints history is tackle, whether at left or right tackle.

There is a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, a Saints Hall of Fame inductee and several more to come.

There are many All-Pro honors and Pro Bowl participants as well.

If you want to run to the edge, you need good tackles. If you want your quarterback to be comfortable in the pocket and to have time to survey the field and make good decisions and accurate throws...
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5 games every Saints fan should watch while in lockdown

  • News source: Ross.Jackson
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The only thing worse than being stuck at home is being stuck at home without Saints football. Thankfully, we are not subjected to such a fate. The NFL has made NFL Gamepass free until May 31st. This means that while many of us are on lockdown, we can still enjoy a good Black and Gold victory. So we thought we would set you up with a quick watchlist. Five games every Saints fan should watch during the lockdown.

Sure, this one is not a Saints game. But every Saints...
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Mickey Loomis didn’t expect to re-sign David Onyemata, Andrus Peat

  • News source: Josh Alper
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When Drew Brees was playing out the final year of his contract in 2019, the only real concern for the Saints was that he might retire rather than sign on to extend his time in New Orleans.

General Manager Mickey Loomis had different thoughts when it came to other members of the team. Defensive tackle David Onyemata and left guard Andrus Peat were also on track for free agency and Loomis said this week that he didn’t head into last week feeling confident that they’d...
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By retiring, Eli Manning avoided Vinny Testaverde’s career loss record

  • News source: Michael David Smith
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When Eli Manning announced his retirement, he avoided breaking a record that he probably would have broken with another season as a starter: The record for the most losses by a starting quarterback in NFL history.

That record currently belongs to Vinny Testaverde, who lost 123 games as a starter during his long NFL career. Manning is in second place in NFL history, with 117 career losses. If Manning hadn’t been benched for Daniel Jones last season, or if he had...
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Jimmy Graham says he can still run, but will the Bears want him to?

  • News source: Mike Florio
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Tight end Jimmy Graham recently said that the Bears have the right plan for him, but Graham didn’t say what it is.

So what is it?

Graham added in his introductory conference call that he can still run. Many would say he can’t run like he used to. The reality is that he can still catch, and that he has the body to create space when trying to get the ball in short-yardage or red-zone situations.

That’s exactly what the Bears should be doing with Graham: Letting him...
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Saints GM Mickey Loomis speaks on free agency and the upcoming NFL draft

  • News source: BY LUKE JOHNSON | Staff writer
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While maintaining proper social distance, the New Orleans Saints in the last few weeks saw their vision align with that of their franchise quarterback, made a few moves they weren’t necessarily sure they would be able to and are now preparing for what promises to be an odd next 30 days.

In an interview with the team’s in-house media, Saints Executive Vice President and General Manager Mickey Loomis touched on the things the team has already accomplished as well as...
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Saints' 2006 'rebirth' vs. Falcons to air April 6 as part of Monday Night Football Classic series

  • News source: BY ROD WALKER | Staff writer
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It is the most memorable regular-season game in New Orleans Saints' history.

It had it all.

The return to the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

Steve Gleason's iconic blocked punt.

An emotional welcome-back victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Saints fans will get to relive it April 6 when ESPN re-airs the Sept. 25, 2006, game that symbolized the rebirth of the city of New Orleans.

It is part of The Monday Night Football Classics series, in which ESPN will...
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ESPN re-airing 2006 return from Katrina game for Saints vs. Falcons April 6

  • News source: Press Release
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Five Weeks of Iconic MNF Game Re-Airs Kick Off with 2018 Chiefs-Rams Shootout Football-Themed Mondays Will Also Feature Episodes of Peyton’s Places at 7 p.m. ET Games Will Include Inventory to Support COVID-19 Relief-Focused Organizations

ESPN will re-air iconic Monday Night Football games from the past 15 years every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET for the next five weeks, March 30 – April 27. These games reflect efforts by ESPN and the NFL to deliver fans some of their...
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