It's Looking scary...

The more I look at the scedule, the more I firmly believe that coach should have them on a 1 game at a time attitude. Another way Id put it, ( If I were him), is that EVERY game we play from here on out is a MUST WIN!

I take a peek, you can see San fran and the skins. Yeah, there beatable, but the rest of those game i cant look at them an say to myself we will win or lose. On some I have more of a feeling we will lose. We got get going now, next week is HUGE!

Pittsburgh is in a deep slump but everyone PLEASE pull for them next week, cause the way the saints luck goes, when a team is due, and play us, they get theyre dues usually and it makes me wanna vomit. And surely if pitt loses next week, they'll be even more due.

I'm truly thinking we win next week by 9 points. Tampa plays tough at home so i'm not gonna throw a prediction out. But if we win that game and go to 6-2, that means all we really have to do is go 4-4, .500 ball the rest of the way and we'll get in. Which san fran and wash, should be wins.