Chris Paul article

Saw this one earlier. Even Steve Nashes own country acknowledges that Paul is the best PG out there.

Also I just got through reading this one about the MVP debate:

Mamba Valuable Player: The Final Chapter at SportsHubLA

Basically it says Kobe will win the award and only has a paragraph about Paul however in that paragraph it admits Paul SHOULD win and Kobe will get it as a "lifetime achievment" type deal.

However, there is a third candidate, and Chris Paul fits the current definition of league MVP better than anybody else. He plays a larger role on his team than anybody except for LeBron, as he accounts for more points per game than Kobe due to the value of his five extra assists against Kobe’s seven extra points. His team is neck-and-neck with the Lakers with no significant difference in the quality of the supporting cast. You can argue Chandler/Stojakovic/West/Mo Pete against Andrau Gasnum/Odom/Fisher/Turiaf, but when you get into Farmar/Radman/Sasha/Walton against Pargo/J. Wright/Bobzi Welackson/Ryan Bowen/Rasual Butler, I think it’s at least a wash.

And Paul has been the most efficient of the three candidates, not only besting James and Bryant in shooting efficiency but destroying them in turnover ratio, as he turns the ball over freakishly sparingly. Add that to his arguably DPOY-caliber defense, and I think Chris Paul would win the award under normal circumstances. But these are not normal circumstances.