Just What we needed???

I guess I'm not a "real Saints fan" after I turned my tv off early in the 4th qt, when the Ravens went ahead 35 to 7.....but I couldn't watch it anymore! I literally got sick to my stomach and this was the first time that I had to turn my tv off!....that's why I can't blame those fans who decided that they had enough of the "horror show" and left early.....how can anybody blame them for not having enough stomach to endure more of that crap?

The irony of all this wasn't that we weren't good enough......BUT WE BEAT OURSELVES!!......we committed as Scott Fugita would say....a "hara-kiri" on ourselves with all the penalties and turnovers! I don't want to rant on the game anymore, but right now our team is at a crossroad!....we can easily lose the next 3-4 games, and end up 5&6......or win the next 3 games, and go up 8&2!...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!