Just What we needed???

You get up and leave the game or shut off the TV is the same thing as the players giving up on the field. The 12th man gave up on the team. mid way through the fourth was I the only one saying now get the ball back and score and we are back in this? from what I have read there are very few of us who did not give up. As for the rest if they were on the team they would have been cut at the beginning of the season like the other cancers on the team.
The team did stop playing the fans did

U are not alone, We would have to be down by 9 with 3 seconds remaining, with no timeouts without the ball before I accept defeat.

Never leave early, never change the channel.

Have only missed about two "plays" in the past 15 years, and that was because I really had to go to the bathroom right before the kickoff of the Saints Giants game after the Sept 11 attacks. True Story.

I'm there till the end.

Bring on the Bucs.