Just What we needed???

I also noticed that the O-line really looked terrified.

Another thing I noticed while watching the DVR, on the first swing pass to Reggie where he lost 5 yards, If Joe Horn does anything to impede Adalius Thomas, Reggie would still be Running. Great Play design, poor execution (or you could say a great play by Thomas). Im sure Payton will get this corrected.

Horn Drops a 30 yard completion on the 2nd play of the Game. Fails to get both feet down on a critical 3 and 2.
Reggie Fumbles a hand off.
Payton calls a HB pass after two consecutive penalties on the offense, (later admitting it was a selfish call).
Stecker has a ball bounce of of his facemask for a pick 6.
Fujita is robbed of a INT by his own teammate which results in a Ravens TD!!
Campbell Drops two TD's on the same drive (good defense, but top TE's make those catches).
O-Line, played as if the were facing Zeus.

I know that this O-line will be fired up after realizing how terrified they looked on tape.