Lost -- Season 3 Episode 5 (SPOILERS)

The eyepatch guy is clearly a Dharma employee. He was wearing Dharma coveralls (similar to what Desmond and....I forget the other guy's name...were wearing when the were pushing the button in the Pearl Station). You could see the Dharma logo on the right side of the TV screen. Speculation says that he is at the Flame station. It is not Radzinsky though. The producers have already said it's not. I did like Locke's line, "Well, I guess he'll be expecting us."

Interesting developments with Jack, Juliet, and Benry. Something that Benry said strikes me, though. When telling Jack about his plan, he said he wanted Jack to want to save his life. Could Juliet's proposal be a ploy to make Jack want to save Benry's life instead of killing him? Or, am I making this more complicated than it is, and Juliet really wants him dead. I have a hard time believing this right now, though.

Can't say I'm all that sad to see Eko go. I thought AAA was a great actor, but I don't believe they used him to his potential. The moral of the story is: don't get arrested for DUI if you want to stay on the show.

I was very interested by the extended glimpse of the smoke monster. So, I guess the monster can take other forms (Eko's brother, the men he killed). This would possibly explain Jack seeing his dad, Kate's horse, Walt in the jungle, maybe even Hurley's imaginary friend. All the smoke monster? There better be a good explanation for that thing.

The new cast members aren't doing anything for me, besides the fact that Kiele Sanchez is easy on the eyes. Hopefully, we'll get some character development there soon.

Looking very forward to next week's "fall finale." The only problem is then we have to wait until February for new episodes. Oh well.