Eastern Europe: USA ditching missile defense.

I don't like it either. In politics, perception is everything. Regardless of our motive, whether good or bad, it will be perceived as a weak move compared to the US strategy in the past. It appears the USSR is starting to rebuild, and the old guard is getting back their power. There is no doubt they are smiling ear to ear about this. To those who say its no big deal in this particular case, please consider the big picture.

I know we have economic problems at home, but backing off our strong foreign policies and turning our back on Eastern Euro allies is only going to add another problem. Right now, Russia and its allies know we are broke, and we are now giving the perception that we are becoming weaker and weaker in regards to our foreign policy. With that being said, the other side is going to get bolder and bolder in regards to what they do.

IMO, the good USA had a good run. One of the best all time!!! Every great Empire that has arisen throughout the history of mankind, has either fallen down or completely dissolved. With that being said, we will be no different. It is both arrogant and ignorant to think otherwise. About 4 years ago, I estimated the USA has another 50 to 100 years remaining as is. Over the last year, I truly believe the number is now closer to 50.