Thank you, flexible scheduling

By rescheduling this Sunday's game at Pittsburgh for 4 PM EST, the NFL has allowed the Saints game to be shown locally here in Raleigh, NC. Yesterday, I felt certain the Saints would be televised here. After all, the Panthers had a BYE and the Saints game was a battle between 2 rivals in the same conference -- the NFC South. Guess what? Dallas @ Washington, that's what. Apparently, before the Panthers came along, there were lots of Redskins fans in the Carolinas. Oh well, maybe next time.

Don't get me wrong. I see the Saints play every week, as I am a loyal NFL Ticket subscriber. It's just nice to know that occasionally my team can be televised on my local station. I'm hoping for a great game, so all my local friends can see what an exciting team I cheer for every week. The Steelers are definitely going to be hungry though. They are looking hard for a win. I don't think the Saints are where they are going to find it. They are playing in an attempt to bring more tourists to New Orleans in January, but hosting a few playoff games there. Can't wait 'til Sunday!!