Neocons throwing Bush under the bus on Iraq

>>I thought our foreign policy was about democracy?

Technically it is right now. But "Democracy" for democracy sake doesn't seem to add up to a whole lot (ref. Iran).

>>Ortega was democratically elected.

Indeed. I used to laugh at him all the time when he'd come on Nightline and bash the Reagan Administration with better material than they had for him.

>>So long as he minds his own business, the issue is now between Ortega and the Nicarguan people. It's not any of our concern.

No, it isn't, specifically from a Libertarian perspective. However, with the idea that Chavez is looking to turn Venezuela into a nuclear power (another guardian of oil) and exporting leftist poor-military dictatorship alliances to other countries in the region (Bolivia, potentially Peru, Columbia, etc.), then you have to wonder what a destabilized South America might mean for the future.

>>When we get out of the business of passing judgement on every government on the planet, we'll get along a lot better with the world.

True. But there is an argument that our foreign aid and assistance might be better tied to those who share the values of freedom, honesty and human rights somewhere.

The background from my premise is kind of the opposite though. Much of the world seems to be reacting to America rather than vice versa. This administration has become a lightning rod for the world's protest vote and provides ample ammunition.


I'm pretty sure that Chavez will run the Venezuelan economy into the ground before all is said and done. These jokers almost always self-destruct in one way or another.