Season Outlook

8 games played, 8 to go. We are currently 6-2 and in very good shape for the playoffs and possibly even home field advantage throughout playoffs.

Let's take a look at the remaining schedule:

11/12 at Pittsburgh - Unfortunately, I think we will lose this game. Pittsburgh has a bad record but we all know that they have a ton of talent on both sides of the field and they have a lot of pride and will probably be jacked up after that loss last week. We're coming off a solid win but still it's always tough to play in Pittsburgh. L - Saints 6-3

11/19 Cincinnati - I expect a close game that we will eventually win at the end. Playing at home is huge for us and Cincinnati played well against the Ravens but we should be able to beat this team. W - Saints 7-3

11/26 at Atlanta - I think we will go up 2-0 for the season against Atlanta. We owned them at home and homefield advantage isn't really that big for Atlanta (they had a ton of Steelers fans at the Georgia Dome when Pittsburgh played them. My only concern is that Vick has been a solid passer the last few games. W - Saints 8-3

12/03 San Francisco - This should be a good win for us. San Francisco has weapons but they're not scaring anyone. Plus we're playing at home. Let's just hope that the team doesn't underestimate the 9ers too much though. Reggie might have a huge game. W - Saints 9-3

12/10 at Dallas - Dallas is an up and down team, you never know how well they'll play. I think we'll lose this game because Dallas has some very good receivers and their defense has played well. L - Saints 9-4

12/17 Washington - Playing at home and Washington hasn't been that impressive this year although they may be turning things around. But we are a better team than them and should win. W - Saints 10-4

12/24 at N.Y. Giants - Saints will be out for revenge after that "home" game last season, but I expect the Giants to defeat us. It's tough playing on the road in cold weather, something the Saints are not really used to. L - Saints 10-5

12/31 Carolina - We'll get our revenge and the home crowd will be going nuts with the final game of the regular season. Well, that is if the game has implications for the playoffs. If we're already in the playoffs and can't get homefield advantage, then we'll probably just play the backups and let the starters get some rest for the playoff game. W - Saints 11-5

So we'll end up 10-6 or 11-5 depending on what the situation is headed into the Carolina game. While not good enough for home field advantage, we will be in the playoffs, sometihng that very few people in America expected from the Saints.