The Evolution of Bush's Role...

Numerous people have attempted to answer this question in other threads. So there should be plenty for you to read if you'd like to try to get a handle on this "paradigm shift."

I'm not sure why you would want to discount/ignore successful decoys, as that helps the team on the field just as much as rushing yards do. And in Reggie's case, maybe a lot more. It's impossible to quantify, but I'd venture to say that Reggie would have to put up a LOT of rushing yards, maybe an unreasonable amount, to equal the positive effect he has had by "opening it up for others." Why doesn't that count?

Why the change from "he'll be our biggest playmaker?" Well, because clearly he isn't. Simple as that. Once that original position is proven wrong, well, you kind of have to pick a different position, don't you?

Not everybody has chosen "it's okay for him to stink it up" as their new position. In fact, I don't think anyone has. That's a slanted interpretation that smacks of an agenda, actually. But I'll grant you the "he's not making any plays, but he is opening it up for others" because, well, that IS what's happening.

Does that make it okay that he's not racking up rushing stats the way we all hoped he would? Well, no, it'd be nice if he was doing that too. But since he's not, it seems to me that you either live with it and focus on the very real, if not quantifiable, contribution he has made to a 6-2 start NOBODY expected, and enjoy it until such time as Reggie does start "making plays" or you wail and gnash your teeth and obssess over how "he sucks" for not immediately setting the stat sheets on fire.

Thankfully, most seem to have chosen the former, for now, and are enjoying the TEAM'S success, to which Reggie has doubtlessly contributed greatly. Unfortunately, some others have chosen the latter. Eh, to each his own.

Yes, I imagine the "paradigm" would have "shifted" in a different direction if the TEAM weren't making most of us so happy right about now.

yeh, what he said