The Evolution of Bush's Role...

Just to address something that stood out to me, I don't have an agenda against Bush. Never have, and never will. He's in the colors I cheer for and as such, I wanna see him do well. I've taken enough crap for being a "bad fan" just because I didn't agree with the drafting (ie, I saw that he was a system guy and his skillsets wouldn't immediately translate to top status), but that's water under the bridge at this point. This is one of those situations where I separated my Saints fanhood from my football fanhood, looked at Reggie with an unbiased eye, and swam upstream in an effort to get other fans to realize that his role wasn't going to be what they said it would be. I got pushed on a sword for it. It sucks that, with as relatively small a fanbase as we have, this kind of thing occurred in the first place. It sucks that I have to gnash my teeth and sigh "dammit, I knew this would happen" to myself after yet another poor outing.

Or something.

We are all wrong about players from time to time. In 1987 I sure thought John Fourcade was going to be the greatest Saint QB ever. Then, at the end of 89 during a 3 game stretch vs. the Colts, Bills.....and....UHG....I don't remember may have been the Raiders anyways I sure felt vindicated. He played great and led us to a perfect 3-0 finish and spoiled 2 teams playoff aspirations! Then the 91 season came and I realized that I was just wrong!

Methinks you are overdramatizing it a bit. "pushed on a sword" is kind of harsh. Martrydom is overrated. (<-----did I spell Martyrdom right?)