Satire Surprise

I am not really a REpublican, I just have voted that way in the past.
We are a brave bunch of people, we just havent done anything yet.
I endorse the Arizona Cardinals for the super Bowl, which means you wont vote for me Tuesday.
I endorse Jake Delhomme to the movie The Waterboy starring him in the star role of Bobby Buechet. Foosball mama foosball.
Mama indeed told me not to come but I did it anyway.
Space Mountian is kind of broke right now but it you take the rocket I can give you a better ride to the moon.
Taurus will one day work for a church, or does he already?
Seattle is a city that makes no sense what so ever , I mean seroisuly what is a Seahawk? Some kind of space alien? Something people in Washington call a bird?
I am the Real America or trying to find it in some movie on my motorcycle
Do you know my rider and taking him by my side?

Are you really cost effective and/or a fiscal conservative?

Are their really any Falcons in atlanta, Ga. I mean I dont see any when I visit.
I think I am an an idiot and I object to that compliment.