Where are the posters that wanted Robert Gallery?

The question was posted a couple of times before the draft, would you trade the #2 pick for the Raiders pick and Gallery. Several, several posters said yes. I kept saying that Gallery was horrible, and one of the biggest busts in NFL history, he was the #2 in the draft, same as Leaf. I kept getting responses that Gallery had a couple of booboo's, and he would show he was good this year.

He is, by far, the worst LT in the NFL. If you have watched him play, you know this. I don't know how the analysts got it so wrong, but he can't block a ladybug at this point.

If we had made that trade, not even Brees could make this guy look mediocre. (I don't know if it was actually offered, but it was suggested.)

The Raiders should draft 4 O-lineman with their 1st 4 picks this year, I do like their center, Grove, though.