Archie Manning Career Passer Rating

I saw Archie play a lot. For his day in the sun, Archie was better than anyone on the team. When you have an owner like John Mecom, who owned the Saints because he thought it might be just simply do not have a chance to win in the NFL. He never hired a GM with football experience.....he was more interested in what appeared to be a high profile person in the news rather than someone who understood football. His selection of coaches sucked. J.D. Roberts?? where did he come from?? He did not even understand that his kicker was about to set an NFL record (thanks Tom Dempsey) for the longest field goal on that Sunday against the Lions. We wonder why, with the exception of Jim Mora years, this team has been so bad. WE HAVE A GREAT COACH, GOOD TEAM, AND PLAYERS WHO WANT TO WIN.................WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR.....super bowl??