Does anyone here remember the Chargers/Saints game in 2004

I was at that game, too. 43-17 was the final. I got killer seats right behind the Saints bench, 50yd line, row 1.

I remember the Saints walking out onto the sideline before the game, and some guy that was with the team(but not a player) came up to me because he saw my authentic Saints helmet. He asked me if I wanted him to take it in the locker room at halftime to get some of the players to sign it....I was like, **** YEAH, that would be awesome!! He then told me that the Saints were gonna "throw this game, because they didn't feel like they needed the win". I couldn't believe he said that, but he did. I had no idea it would turn out to be the truth. And he never came back to me to take my helmet with him, either.

I was literally SCREAMING at Haslett and Brooks for most of the first half. I believe the score was 33-3 at the half. I remember Stallworth tying his shoe on the bench, and I screamed his name, and he actually looked up at me and gave me a head nod. lol Haslett and Brooks never turned around.

When they came out after halftime, and still played horrible, I was SO disgusted, I couldn't even scream anymore. I just sat there, brooding.