Well Saints fans you are 6-2 and a contender agiain

How do you feel? I mean that too? It seems like every week is a blessing and the team is on the right track, it feels strange you know. It is like you dont want to wake up from a dream that seems so unreal, like good medicine to heal a bad heartache and sadness of the 2005 season which broke my heart, indeed it did.

Its a wonderful strange feeling guys, things are changing all around us and for once you like it, I mean it has taken us 40 years, 40 years since our conception as franchise and we havent had this type of success before.

I for one really feel overwhelmed, everything as far as sports is going good for me. Auburn is having a hell of a season, the Hornets are doing great with the start of their season, and now the favorite team of all, the Saints, their doing their thing so damn well and it feels so good, I really think this team has changed and helped heal a city torn apart by Katrina, I really do. I feel good, I like the attention we are getting and we are winning.

this is better then 2000 IMHO, we have a much better team then that years squad, Drew Brees is having a career year and we have so many guys contributing.

I tellk you guys, it feel pretty good to be a New Orleans Saints fan and Hornets fan, hell its good to be an Auburn fan too.

I feel great, I really do.