Election Aftermath Thread

So who wins? Who loses? What happens in Louisiana? New Orleans? What do you think?


Nanci Pelosi - She will be the most powerful woman in the history of America. Never before have we had a woman as the #3 in chain of command to be the President of the United States. It was very interesting to hear Ms. Pelosi say that the first issue for the new congress is an ethics reform package (a far cry from the Tom Delay/Dennis Hastert Houses of the last several years).

Bobby Jindal - Awesome win for Bobby with his 88% election landslide. The future is his to decide on. I'm hoping he will try to run for govenror and leave our seniority alone in the Senate. But he'll be tough to beat no matter what.

Rahm Emanuel - Delivered the house of reprsentatives for the Democratic Party. Rahm, as many know, was a former civilian volunteer soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces and is a brilliant mind. He rose to prominence as campaign finance director for President Clinton's first presidential campaign. He stands to get a huge post in the House (possibly Majority Whip).

Conservatives - Because of the candidates Emanuel courted to run for the Democratic Party in this election cycle, Conservatives actually have a voice in the Democratic Party and should help moderate the party and nudge the American "center" further to the right. Several Democrats elected last night were pro-life, had police and military background and such and should provide for some interesting discourse which will only benefit America in the future and help shape healthy debate (FWIW, Howard Dean said he would personally invite Bob Casey to the Democratic National Convention as those who know may recall the snub on his father, former Governor of PA in 1992, because he was also pro-life).

Liberals - Due to seniority, liberals in the Democratic Party should stand to gain a large share of key committee posts.

Accountability - There has been none as of late in American politics. With one-party rule and very few in the GOP willing to stand up to the president on issues of disagreement, the President has had a blank check for 6 years to do whatever he wanted to. Even the most extreme partisans will tell you that things haven't gone particularly well, especially fiscally.


Tom Delay - Though already disgraced and resigned from his Speaker's chair, this election puts the nail in the coffin of his style of running the house. From things such as barring any floor votes on Democratic Amendments (can't remember the technical term for it) to self-center PACs to party power for party power sake, things are going to be different.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney - The President will have to find key elements that he can agree with the House leadership on in order to be able to meet any of his agenda. He will have to update the War in Iraq and will be forced to compromise. Allegedly he was very good at this in Texas, so he may end up okay. The Vice President will be investigated at every turn. No longer will he be able to vice-preside (heh) with impunity and in secret. He's going to be held accountable for all actions he has refused to address over the last 6 years (including Energy Policy and such).

John Kerry - Shut up, please. Your jig is up, your day is past.

William Jefferson - While finishing in first place and in the runoff, his chances of winning have been greatly diminished. I'm sure white people and some African Americans who want a new day in Louisiana Politics will turn out in mass to vote against him next month in the runoff. He could still pull off a win, but he won't be able to play the race card as effectively as Mayor Nagin did in his reelection campaign because his opponent, Karen Carter, is a black woman.

The New Orleans Assessors - Having been beaten by a large majority statewide as well as in Orleans Parish, their day is over. I watched them in debates and listened to them on the radio trying to state their case for their own survival. It was one of the most self-serving crusades I've ever seen. Fortunately, they'll be dumped in favor of the new reform sweeping the state in an effort to clean up patronage and the politics of the past.

Dennis Hastert - He's going to be sacked and will probably shoulder plenty of the blame for the downfall of the house to the Democrats.