Progress on my Fleur-de-V costume!

Hey y'all, a lot of you liked my new costume for the Saints home games and lots of you gave some suggestions. Well, tonight I bought shoulder pads and metallic gold fabric paint and let me tell you....

It is REALLY coming out good but I won't post pictures until I finish it...which may be late tomorrow night. I spent a few hours tonight painted fleur de-lis's on the thigh pads of my football pants and the hat and I made the huge V for Vendetta symbol (in metallic gold of course!) on the back of the cape. All I have to do is get some gold ribbon to replace the black band around the hat, finish the cape, and give a couple extra coats of fabric paint on everything. Finishing the cape involves bookending the V symbol with fleur-de-lis's and putting "Remember, remember, the 25th of September..." underneath it all and it's done.

Also, the shoulder pads really make a huge difference because I am scrawny...the pads make the mask look smaller (plus I trimmed it to fit better) and really makes the outfit.

Anyway, if interested, Ill post the final product on here probably tomorrow night but if not, defenitely Saturday sometime.

Look out....V is coming!