Looking at the schedules...

I stated several weeks ago the "brutal" part of the schedule would be past when Carolina's and Atlanta's began. That is going to work very favorably for us.

Tampa - the Bucs may just sneak up on them
St. Louis - 50/50
Washington - they should beat Washington
Philly - they should beat the Eagles
Giants - Eli and Tiki are going to school Carolina
Pittsburgh - depends on which Steeler team shows up
Atlanta - the Falcons will be fighting for their lives...Atlanta wins
Saints - will cover in a second

Cleveland - Falcons win this one
Baltimore - Vick watches most of the game out of one earhole
Saints - New Orleans proves the MNF was no fluke
Washington - Redskins rebound after Carolina loss
Tampa - Falcons win
Dallas - Dallas wins
Carolina - Panthers win
Philly - Eagles win at home

Pittsburgh - Saints win
Cincy - Saints win
Atlanta - Saints win
San Fran - Saints win
Dallas - Saints win
Washington - Saints look to next week and Washington sneaks up on them
Giants - Saints regroup and win huge game
Carolina - Saints can taste homefield and avenge their earlier loss