Looking at the schedules...

Pittsburgh - Saints win
Cincy - Saints win
Atlanta - Saints win
San Fran - Saints win
Dallas - Saints win
Washington - Saints look to next week and Washington sneaks up on them
Giants - Saints regroup and win huge game
Carolina - Saints can taste homefield and avenge their earlier loss

I like your Saints' picks, but I honestly had them losing two in the second half of the season - I hope I'm wrong and they run the table, but that might be asking a bit too much.

The 2 games I saw as the biggest problems were the ATL game, only because it's in ATL, and we have a history of playing close games with them. I really don't believe they are the better team right now, but I saw this as a place in the Schedule where there might be a loss. I.E. letdown.

The second was the Giants game, but that was before all of their injuries started cropping up: Toomer, Strahan, Sam Madison, Obe, etc.

I'll re-evaluate that pick in a few weeks when I see how the NYG's handle these next 4-5 games.

I can see us running the table the way the stars have been falling into alignment for us lately, but that's being just a little too optimistic. :youpi-12: