Looking at the schedules...

How can you say the game in Atlanta might be a "letdown" game? Thats the game for the division championship probally. If the Saints have a let down in that game, then I been dreaming the whole season.

It was hard, but I don't see them running the table this second half. That's just highly improbable.

If I had to pick any team where I thought emotion could swing it the other way, it would be ATL, especially after what happened in the Dome, and if they're fighting for a playoff spot, which they will be.

I hope I'm wrong. I think we have the better club, but if it's going to happen, I see it here.

Of course, 3 weeks is a long time in football life. I'll see what we do against Pitt and Cincy over the next two weeks, and if I see us on a serious roll of confidence when we go to Hotlanta TG weekend, I'll adjust my pick - I hope I have to.