I've Been Accused of being Liberal. Okay I'm laying my cards on the table

2884, society runs on a Social Capital framework (That term has nothing to do with socialism or Capitalism...it means two items working together with reciprocity). A capitalist society cannot stand without some socialist agendas...and vice-versa. Paul mention the Tax cuts, so I will use that as an example. I do not agree with the Tax cuts for the richest of the rich, because the people who recieve the money are not doing what's needed to have the Trickle-Down Effect, which is the lobbied outcome.

But, if they were to take that money, invest it into their business to expand jobs (good jobs for the middle class etc...) then we could all feel the relief. The problem is that they invest in the stock market, which benefits those that are already moving up to accelerte and those that are not solidly in the middle class to fall.

agreed, put in large corporations too, they are too interested in the stock holders and not investing back in technology and employees. and certainly weasel out of taxes.