I've Been Accused of being Liberal. Okay I'm laying my cards on the table


*Gun Control: no one needs to own an assault rifle. handguns and hunting rifles are fine by me.

*Gay marriage: I could care less if gay folks want to get married, as long as it isnt in the catholic church. personally i think the solution is to strip any tax benefits from married couples and treat us all as equal individuals.

*abortion: im pro life.

*Church and STate: keep them separated. faith based initiatives are bad bad news. as soon as the gubment funds a faith based initiative, that initiative is tied to that funding and easily manipulated by said gubment.

*Taxes: i hate taxes, but i hate corporate tax breaks even more. lets all play on an even playing field and initiate the flat tax, or a sales tax on non consumables for personal use. i have no problem tying in sin taxes to that as well (and i smoke like a chimney and enjoy the occasional beverage). if a corporation is entitled to every right as a citizen, save voting in public elections, they should be taxed in the same damn manner.

*Foreign Policy: this one is tough. i dont think we should have ever came to iraq, but now that we are here, we must finish the job.

*Education: give cash to the states and let them run education.

*Trade: tarrifs on countries that place tarrifs on our exports, and free trade with those that dont.

*Welfare: complete reform with additional funding. we must ween people off of welfare, and create a payment system, via cash or volunteer efforts in the community, to repay what was given. education goals should be tied to every welfare recipient, either through themselves and or their children.

*Campaign Finance--demand the broadcast companies give free and equal airtime to every candidate. limit campaign contributions to 100 per citizen and corporation.

*Death Penalty--im against the death penalty. it isnt a deterrant.

*Social Security--i will probably never see it but...forgive me, but i just dont trust american companies with that much money. i have no solution...

*Energy--get off of oil, or start uncapping the wells we have in our own back yard.

*Environment--we need a common sense balance with a plan to replenish natural resources.

*Immigration--stop worrying about mexico and concentrate on the canadian borders. thats where the terrorists cross.

*Civil Liberties--gubment, leave me alone please...patriot act is bad news.

i consider myself a constitutional conservative. if it were up to me, i would strip the majority of the powers from the feds and ask them to concentrate on a few simple things. gubment, keep the infrastructure sound. that includes highways, digital and traditional, as well as power grids. gubment, protect me from enemies foreign and domestic. gubment, use the FDA to keep bad stuff out of the medicine cabinet...

give all the power to the states. we pride ourselves on capitalism right? why dont we apply the same principles to our governing system? dispurse tax dollars according to population and land mass. if a state is doing a great job with health care, business development, and education, chances are businesses and people will flock there...
let the market work...