Saints offense vs. Cowboys defense

I'm real curious to see how Sean Payton decides to attack Dallas' defense. When I've watched Dallas I've noticed that their safeties in terms of coverage are crap. So does he try to spread them out and make them have to cover 4 or more receivers or try to be more balanced and run the ball. Also, I get this weird feeling that the Cowboys are going to try that "Amoeba" defense ala the Browns and try to confuse Brees. This is where possibly and hopefully having Reggie Bush back makes a huge difference.

without the intimate knowledge of our offense like Fujita had, it would be unsuccessful for them.

and Carolina tried it several times as SiD just said and it didnt work.

I think we will start with reggie and ivory and try to test that run d early. If its giving up 4-6 yds early, then you will see the full playbook for the rest of the game. play action on 1st down, screens, draws which will keep the Dallas d on thier heels.

Coach scripts the first 15 plays. Look to see how balanced we are after 15 plays.