I honestly don't care if we ever get respect from the analysts or coverage from the networks.

After experiencing the "coverage" we received in those two weeks before the Super Bowl - they can keep that crap. When they did talk about us, it was about how we were going to lose. No doubt, if they talked a lot about us this season - it would be about what we CAN'T do, how we CAN'T repeat, how we CAN'T win the division, etc.

They would talk about how disappointing our team is this season compared to last season. But last season they hardly took us seriously; they kept waiting for us to fall. It wasn't until we beat NE that they took a harder look and that lasted what - all of three weeks?

During the post game interview today, the guys in the studio couldn't wait to ask Drew about how this point in the 2010 season was different from this point in 2009 :rolleyes:

Screw the talking heads. Screw the networks. We really don't need them. As a fanbase we know what kind of team we have and what they're capable of. We don't need the rest of the sports world to validate them.

Trust me I notice the lack of highlights and such (last week the highlights on were less than a minute long), and I understand that it frustrates a lot of fans. But I guess I've built up some kind of immunity to it.