Am I too paranoid?

Are you familiar with the Green River Killer in King County, WA? Supposedly, he murdered close to 20-25 women over a near-two decades span. Some Seattle grunge bands, IIRC, recorded a few songs about him. He was even suspected in the murder of respected Seattle grunge singer Mia Zapata in 1993, although her murderer later turned out was a homeless Cuban convict who immigrated to the United States on the Mariel boatlift.

Okay, the mirror's not for sale anymore. Thanks for asking, though!

Seriously...yes I'm aware of him. There was a TV movie or mini-series about him I saw starring Tom Cavanaugh. Serial Killers targeting prostitutes are less intruiging to me. Probably not a good thing to say about me, but I guess I see them as "lesser" victims in some sense. Not that they're asking to be murdered, but there are a lot of risks of physical harm in that work. So I'm not as shocked when a group of prostitutes get murdered versus people considered more "normal" like Derrick Todd Lee. Probably because those attacks hit home a little closer as something that could happen in "my world."