Potential family crisis (Nephew a Cowgirls fan?)

He has a serious case of "Bandwagonitus" that is very common in N. Louisiana. They don't have a true identity of their own that they wish to grab hold of. The "Texas and cowgirl love" up there makes them a very ill group. They should have supported the Saints from day one but cheering for a winner is always easier for the weak minded. I will also say the same about their sudden 8-10 year new found love of lsu. They have LaTech and yet their recent worship at the tiger alter has interestingly the same symptoms. Bizarre! But a longterm case of "bandwagonitus" is hard to get rid of. There are no antibiotics that will kill it. It's a character flaw that only leaves the body and mind when the true team they should be supporting and cheering for wins and wins over a period of time. Buy him tons of Saints garb and highlight videos along with the 2009 Superbowl CD. And good luck!

Oh, and when all else fails tell him there will be no rich uncle leaving him any coin in the future if he keeps it up.