Potential family crisis (Nephew a Cowgirls fan?)

My five year old nephew told me that he liked the Cowboys after I said we couldn't stop for pizza. He mumbled it under his breath, "That's why I don't like the Saints, I like the Cowboys" I pulled the car over and threatened to make him walk home. My mom joined in on the joke and told him to wait inside the store and she'd come back and look for him. Needless to say he began crying, ran after me with a mop when we got home and told my brother that I was rude to him (the hardest part was trying to explain to my brother why I needed to do this - he didn't see it the way I did lol). BUT.... It worked.

He has never made the mistake of threatening me with his false adoration of the Cowboys ever again. In fact, he draws fleur de lis on a regular basis and gives them to me as presents. My suggestion to you is to try some tough love, threats, whatever it takes. But nip it in the bud while he's young. You don't want this affliction carrying over into adulthood, knowing you could've helped him when you had the chance. You'll never forgive yourself.