We are Headed Back to the Super Bowl - Part 2

This is part 2 of "Back to the Super Bowl."

It was clear after the Steelers and Panthers game that we had refocused from the offseason distractions of winning the SB and the shortened time period allotted SB teams - 6 weeks lost compared to Tampa.

And keep in mind Vocodin-Gate. Even though it's not in the press, legal action is still going on that impacts Vitt and SP.

We went on the road with a minimal time frame to play one of the hottest and most talented teams in the league. And we found a way to win, even though the officials were determined for the Cowgirls to come out on top. The calls were HORRENDOUS.

Bless Reggie, but he was horrible too. In spite of Reggie, short week, road game, Sharper out, a hot talented team, we found a way to win, the way SB champions do along their way to the Lombardi - like the Falcons and Jets have played so far this year. I sure hope GB brings Atlanta down to earth this week and breaks their confidence level with a healthy dose of self-doubt.

The defense gave up a lot of yards, but even without Sharp, we have returned to our stealing ways. We could have had 3-4 more turnovers, but nearly every bouce (7 fumbles) went their way. That reminds me of a conversation I had with Ben Crenshaw about 20 years ago. Ben and I belonged to the same club and one day I asked him, "Ben - when you start burning the edge of the cup on every putt early in the round, you know they are going to start dropping - right?" His answer was, "Dan, that's not my experience at all. They keep burning the edge of the cup the entire round and they never drop." Well that was us yesterday with bouncing fumbles and officiating calls.

Yet somehow, we won that game stacked against us. That is the stuff of Champions. We have returned to SB form.

Next week will be another test playing in the cold. Hopefully Cincy has folded-in for the season and we get a gimmee even in the cold. We need a cold outdoors game to be ready for the Ravens.

Sit back and enjoy the march to consecutive SB appearances. What a team to be proud of.