NFL network top 10 gutsiest calls. ambush is no. 2

The Ice Bowl? Odds are he's going to send one of his players in the backfield up the middle on that play. How is that "gutsy"? It was a legendary play but I don't see it as gutsy. And Lombardi wouldn't have gotten near the backlash that Payton would have had either call not worked. Ambush is easily number 1.

Yeah, I know that we all must honor the legends of the game - but I don't see why we must be dishonest to do so. The Ice Bowl decision was interesting, but running a QB sneak in that position was hardly revolutionary thinking.

Ambush was so gutsy it was shocking. SP literally risked being eternally known as a Super Bowl goat in order to pull off something few who have coached in the NFL would even think of, let alone seriously consider.