Naming Jenkins' Play

If we have indeed agreed on The Turkey Day Takeaway, someone should really get the word to someone so it will become official. I'd love to hear Bobby talk about it on the way home from work Monday. I love the name.
Someone should let Jenkins know we've named it.
Wonder if he's looked at it on film yet, surely it's on youtube or something by now. RM didn't watch his miracle play for the longest time. I hope Jenkins does. It should inspire him to do the same against the Bengals, if need be.
I had a sign last year at a game that said "Strip it Macolm." He saw it and seemed to like it. He's always been good at stripping the ball. But, that play Thursday was just amazing.

We need to share the name with the rest of the Who Dat Nation.
OK, I've got a cousin that works in the media so I sent something to her.