Dear Chicago: If the season ended today...

Dear Chicago,

If the season ended today, how thrilled you would be to obtain the number 2 seed in the NFC permitting you for a bye week and your first playoff game to be at home. Congratulations.

However, I regret to inform you, that if you look at little further down the NFC chart, the team sitting at the number 5 seed will grab your attention.

We as Saints fans, don't forget the Katrina signs, the jokes of picking up and finishing one of the worst destructions to an entire city/region in the history of the United States. We Remember, your spits, your name calling, your laughing at the homeless. We Remember your inhumane acts on the desperate. We, as Saints Fans, don't forget.

I hope you said a prayer this past Thanksgiving, at the dinner table that so many were deprived of for years due to the destruction that you made so much fun of. Pray that the season doesn't end in its current standings. Pray that we don't come to your home this January.

Because if we do, well, paybacks a *****.

Fans of the Black and Gold.