OK Homers - How Good Are the Falcons? - Fess Up

I think they're a very good team, but 'great' or 'elite'.

Them, Tampa, and us are all benefiting from a relatively easy schedule, with Carolina being so bad, and playing the NFC West. I think that has padded their record a bit, but wins are wins.

Why don't I think they're 'great'? They're not spectacular in any one aspect of the game. Their offense isn't explosive. They live on the short 2nd and 3rd downs. They're very efficient and keep opposing offenses off the field. But if someone can get them in a shootout, can they keep up? Who knows.

Defensively, they're sound, but not dominating. They don't take away an aspect of an opponent's gameplan and force them to play the kind of game they want. Very Gary Gibbs-ish, but with better results.