Who Are The Most Improved Players Thus Far?

Dunbar #1.

Harper #2. He has always been a solid tackler and run supporter but this year he has made some significant strides in pass coverage. He is no longer a liability in that regard. I think he is the best SS in the NFC right now.

Ayodele #3. We actually have a run stuffer NT finally.

Bushrod #4. He gets much less help these days from chips.

Jenkins never played FS last year, so it's hard to say how improved he is, because this is his first year in that capacity. Overall his confidence in what he is trying to do out on that field is brimming.

Ellis would be a consideration as well although we saw a lot of the improvement last year, so it's more a continuation of that improvement.

A lot of the other players have actually played worse than last year. The entire O-line except for Bushrod has been worse. Brees has been uncharacteristically careless with the ball, Henderson and Meachem have been huge letdowns and the crux of our problems on offense (vertical game non-existent). Will Smith is not doing his job, Vilma has been inconsistent and sloppy at times as well.