OK Homers - How Good Are the Falcons? - Fess Up

Think back 1 year ago now. Entering December we were 11-0, had just blown out the Patriots on Monday Night Football and were thinking undefeated season. I actually remember walking out of the Dome that night saying that at this point 14-2 would be a disappointment.

Then we had the Washington game where they were 3-8 and pushed us to the limits, then we would up losing 2 HOME GAMES to Dallas and Tampa Bay. Tampa was playing for nothing but pride, and actually would up screwing up their draft by winning.

Thinking back, a major reason we had those troubles was injuries due to a grueling NFL schedule. Greer, Porter, Bush, Shockey, were just a few of the players who missed time in the month of December. We had Mike Mckenzie and Chris McAlister-street free agents starting and playing major roles in games for us.

As much as I hate staring up at the Falcons nothing is over-we both still have 5 games to go. Let's see if they can go on the road and win 3 straight. And stay healthy. History tells us that teams don't usually win 3 straight on the road, and as the injuries begin to mount as the season wears on, I believe that we could finish the season with the same record as last year, 13-3. Until then, go Bucs, Panthers, and Seahawks.