Playoff Picture

Oops. My bad. You're right.

But still, with Chicago as the 2 seed, we would play them in Divisional round only if 6 beats 3 in the wildcard round. The 1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed in round 2... so if the remaining teams are the 1,2,3 and 5 [us being 5], we would go to Atlanta.

Correct! So, if we are the #5 seed, we have to root for the #3 seed to hold serve in the Wildcard round. Then we would get to play at Atlanta in the Divisional round.

The changes between now and the end of the regular season will likely be the #2 and #3 seeds (Chicago, GB, Phila, and NY Giants are in play there); and hopefully, the #1 and #5 seed (Atlanta and the Saints in play there).